Как привезти собаку/кошку на Кипр с российским ветеринарным паспортом

Данная инструкция для не EU ветеринарных паспортов. Если у вашего животного EU паспорт, то ничего делать не нужно. Не забывайте, что чип, должен быть установлен ДО прививки!
Briefly the relevant requirements that your pet (dog, cat, ferret) must have for entering Cyprus from Russia in case there is no EU passport (International passport NOT accepted) are the following:

a) Electronic microchip (Date of implantation PRIOR OR AT LEAST THE SAME DATE with rabies vaccination!!!).

II. HEALTH CERTIFICATE (ONLY THE NEWEST/UPDATED VERSION ACCEPTED) issued by an official veterinarian mentioning the following information (according to regulation no 577/2013 and no 576/2013):
a) Name, surname and address of the owner in Cyprus.
b) Microchip number and date of implantation.
c) Date of birth, breed, sex, type and color of its coat.
d) Rabies vaccination date.
e) Commercial name and brand of rabies vaccine used.
f) Date to be revaccinated against rabies (valid until date)
g) The animal should:
Have been vaccinated against Rabies virus, at the age of not less than 84 days old, with an inactivated Rabies strain according to OIE standards. The first vaccination must take place AT LEAST 3 WEEKS (21 DAYS) prior your departure to Cyprus. In case of revaccination (booster vaccinations) are valid from the date of administration, provided they are administered within the period of validity indicated by the manufacturer of the vaccine used in the previous vaccination.
So the age of the animal must be at least 105 days old as rabies vaccination can earliest be performed at the age of 84 days old and the vaccination should take place at least 3 weeks(21 days) prior arrival.

The specific veterinary certificate must accompany the animal. This certificate may be completed by an official veterinarian directly or by a private veterinarian and then endorsed by the competent veterinary authority (STAMPED AND SIGNED FROM AN OFFICIAL-GOVERNMENT VETERINARIAN).

To find all the information needed for entering Cyprus and also the correct and most updated version of the certificate please use the website:
The verification that the above provisions are fulfilled will be done by inspecting the documents of the pets respectively upon arrival. The Veterinary Officer on duty will do the accompanying identity documents inspection. As long as the above provisions are fulfilled the companion animals enter Cyprus after paying the legal inspection fees provided by the laws in force.

INSPECTION FEES upon arrival PER ANIMAL (if all the documents are ok):
Working hours (07.30-15.00) = 42.72 EURO
Non-Working hours (15.00 and afterwards, weekends and holidays) = 59.80 EURO

You are obliged to inform the District Veterinary Office of the point of entry, 48 working hours prior arrival, the date, time of arrival and flight number of the aircraft or the name of the vessel with which the animal arrives in Cyprus.
Fax: +357-24304270

In order to save yourself some time, we advise you after the passport control to go straight to customs officers (RED GATE “Goods Declare”) and inform them that you arrived at the airport with your pets (DECLARE THE PETS), before taking your luggage. The customs officers will call a Veterinary Officer to come and inspect your pet animal. Best regards, Stavros Stavri Veterinary Officer LARNACA DISTRICT VETERINARY STATION Tel:+357-24821275 Fax: +357-24304270 E-mail: DVS.LARNACA@VS.MOA.GOV.CY